Posted on November 30th, 2016

Dashing Through the Snow



Before you head out on a frosty night,
make sure you understand when your dashboard’s alight.

Thinking of holidays day after day,
turn your obstacle detection on and look both ways.

When your sled speeds up as you venture around,
turn adaptive cruise control on – it may slow you right down!

Unwrapping presents is an exhausting feat
so watch your drowsiness detection system when you hit the street!

With days getting colder and it’s already snowed,
listen to your temperature warning when you’re on icy roads.

Everyone is rushing to a party or two,
so use your sideview camera to see those rushing around you.

We know you have a lot to do.
Don’t let getting up a hill be a burden for you.

Slow down! There are plenty of toys left at the store.
AEB will help you arrive safely at the door.

When Rudolph’s nose isn’t shining as bright,
use adaptive headlights for driving at night.

With a sleigh full of holiday cheer,
forward collision warning may tell you if the streets aren’t clear!

Watch out Santa, your sleigh’s high speed alert just broke the limit!
We want our gifts, but don’t get a ticket.

Headed to a holiday party and a storm is abrew.
Electronic stability control will help get you there too.

Bundled up warm, can’t reach your fob or keys.
Push button start helps get you moving with ease.

Not everyone’s holidays have snow,
so make sure your bicycle detection is on when you’re on the go.

Streets are packed with ornaments and cheer,
pedestrian detection may warn when someone’s near.

Parties have started, no spaces to be found.
Your parking sensors will help you maneuver around.

Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh,
use your blind spot warning to help be crash free all the way.

Use your rear cross traffic alert when backing out at night.
That way passing reindeer won’t give you a fright.

With holiday excitement it’s hard to stay on track,
but lane keeping assist should help you get back.

Santa’s sleigh…dashing through the air.
Thankfully he has brake assist to help bake with care.

Don’t push that button – keep Traction Control ON.
It gives you grip, helping you move along.

While you’re asleep and Santa lands with his crew,
he has anti-lock braking to protect his reindeer and you.

On your way to get the last Christmas bundt?
Automatic emergency braking will ease your gift hunt.

Dashing around for more under the tree?
Use your automatic parallel parking so to park where you need to be.

Happy Holidays from our team to you.
We hope you have fun and drive safely too.