Posted on October 2nd, 2015

My Car Does What?! Welcome!


“My car does what?!” That’s the question, and we’re here to help provide some answers.

Nearly every day it seems like we hear about new safety technologies that are added onto cars—some seem pretty far out.  Just a few years ago, these technologies were limited to luxury cars; but now, they’re coming way down in price and may even be on the car you drive. They can do everything from helping you better see in your blind spot, providing stability on the road to even stopping your car for you to avoid a collision. My Car Does What?!


It’s a remarkable, exciting time we live in to see technology and innovation make our roads (and world) safer. We don’t really think of car crashes, injuries and fatalities as a public health problem, but they are one of the greatest causes of injuries and – all-to-often – fatalities. Just like cancer, almost all of us know someone who has experienced a car crash.

The good news is these technologies are rapidly evolving and quickly being integrated into our cars. There is variability from model to model and among manufacturers that can create a lot of uncertainty about what the technology does and doesn’t do. My Car Does What?!

What can I expect from

Vehicle safety researchers at the University of Iowa and the National Safety Council have partnered to help provide information to consumers about the safety technologies in their vehicles and they can use them most effectively to keep themselves and their families safer on the road. Buckle up—this is going to be an exciting ride!

We have something for everyone – new drivers, experienced drivers, those looking for a new car, those renting a car, or those simply wanting more information about cars. We cover technologies that have been around for more than 20 years, such as anti-lock braking systems to recently emerging technologies, such as automatic emergency braking. We have easy-to-understand infographics and quick guides to introduce to these concepts. We also have a world-renowned safety expert, Scout the dog, to help walk you through the technologies in short videos.


Join the Conversation!

As we continue to spread the word about vehicle safety technologies, we could use your help. We have Twitter (@mycardoeswhat) and Facebook (@My Car Does What) accounts where you can find all the latest campaign news and connect with others in the community. As you find information that’s useful to you, we invite you to post your questions and comments so we can help you find answers, if we don’t already have them. Our blog will also feature safety vehicle experts from around the world that work, live and breathe car safety. You can sign up for blog updates at

We hope you’ll jump in the passenger seat with us and join for the exciting ride. Maybe all those icons and beeps will start to make more sense and you can help answer the question My Car Does What?!