Posted on October 28th, 2015

MyCarDoesWhat, a New Prescription for Driving Safety

Every year, more than 30,000 U.S. drivers are killed in car crashes. More than 90 percent of these crashes are due to human provides information for drivers on how to use car safety features.

If car crashes were a disease, new car technologies – could be considered a cure. These systems can supplement drivers’ knowledge, skills and abilities behind the wheel with advanced sensors, aural warnings and visual displays. Some alerting and active systems can even help drivers avoid crashes in the first place.

But for a cure to be effective, it must be used properly. A recent University of Iowa study found that most drivers expressed uncertainty regarding many of the technologies available in cars today. Additionally, the study found that forty percent of drivers in the study reported being startled or surprised by how their car behaved. We believe that if drivers know more, they can drive safer.

The University of Iowa and the National Safety Council launched the MyCarDoesWhat campaign to educate drivers on the dozens of technologies that are now standard features in new cars like electronic stability control and back up cameras, as well as technologies that are optional such as active braking and collision avoidance systems.. The campaign uses simple animations, videos and graphics to show consumers how their vehicle’s technology features work and how to interact with them.

The goal of the consumer education campaign is to help drivers be more comfortable with the advanced features in their car. MyCarDoesWhat is a one-stop shop with educational materials and resources designed to raise drivers’ knowledge as well as comfort level with car safety features.

Creating a safer environment on our roadways involves the auto industry, government leadership, regulators, state-level leaders and other decision-makers – as well as drivers themselves. We’re looking for each of you to help spread the word about MyCarDoesWhat. Here’s how you can help:

The way we drive is changing – in many ways, technology is moving faster than we can keep up. MyCarDoesWhat can help you know more and drive safer.