About MyCarDoesWhat.org

The National Safety Council and the University of Iowa are national leaders in transportation safety education and research, respectively.

In the past few years, we’ve recognized that the world of driving safety has started to change rapidly around us. New car safety technologies are being added to cars faster than any earlier generation. Even features that have been around for years are getting smarter and changing into new features entirely. Some can now even take over our cars to help us avoid crashes!

But how do safety features work? When should they be used? Do I have them in my car? And, how can I find answers to these questions?

MyCarDoesWhat.org is a great place to start.

The National Driver Safety Education Campaign

MyCarDoesWhat.org was developed with funding provided by the Toyota Safety Research and Education Program Settlement. All research and safety campaign information is developed independently by the University of Iowa and the National Safety Council. All content, views and conclusions are expressed by the University of Iowa and the National Safety Council and have not been sponsored, approved or endorsed by Toyota or the plaintiff’s class counsel.