All About Today's Car Safety Features

High-tech eyes and ears that can keep you safe on the road. Learn More

Automatic Emergency Braking

A game-changing feature virtually all manufacturers will have in new cars by 2022.​ Learn More

Experience the Technology

CarTech VR360 lets you navigate new safety features without leaving your sofa. Learn More

What's Next?

The future is unfolding in test cities across the country. Learn More

Automated Vehicles Meet Human Drivers

It is almost impossible to keep up with daily advances in the field of motor vehicle automation. So when a new excellent summary is published, composed of facts and not marketing hype, along with well thought-out suggestions, it is worthy of a look.

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Experts look to technology in large trucks

More than 4,000 people have been killed in crashes involving large trucks and buses during each of the past five years in which data has been measured, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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The Brain Changer: How I Realized I’m an Engineer

It can take just one moment to change how you perceive the world. Read to find out how the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Morgan Price, MS realized that car safety technologies have the potential to change traffic safety today and into the future.

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