Posted on January 30th, 2023

Welcome to My Car Does What

Welcome (or welcome back!) to My Car Does What! The National Safety Council (NSC) is pleased to announce that it is refreshing this site so it can continue to serve as a resource for those looking to learn more about the intersection of vehicle technology and traffic safety.

Now more than ever, roadway users of all modes need to be armed with the latest research, resources and messaging around what works to keep us safe. According to NSC estimates, over 46,000 people lost their lives to traffic violence in 2021. Existing technologies can save thousands of lives each year, up to 10,000 with ADAS alone. We will only realize the full safety benefits of vehicle design if we know what features exist, their limits, how they intersect with one another and other vehicles, and the responsibility we have as roadway users to contribute to a safer environment.

If you are new to My Car Does What or haven’t visited in a while, we have a ton of information available to get you started. You can dig in to learn more about current vehicle safety technologies, what’s available in your vehicle and what isn’t. Some things to check out include:

With our new refresh, we’re diving into new and timely topics, developing additional resources, and partnering with our friends at Consumer Reports to make sure the latest updates are readily available, including the newest edition of Clearing the Confusion and other resources to help you understand vehicle safety technologies. Keep your eyes out for:

  • More videos to get your brain tingling
  • Resources exploring the role of vehicle owners in contributing to a safe mobility environment
  • Mythbusting about the opportunities and limitations of technology on our roads

We hope you will continue to poke around on the website and let us know what you find most engaging. Have a question or a topic you think is worth diving into? Reach out!